My Editorial on this Advertising Gimmick

Have you received a mailer or a call about a mailer that promotes an automotive direct mail campaign with a black plastic key with push buttons that claims to possibly unlock the doors, trunk or even start a vehicle?

Guess what??? The key contains no electronics, not even a battery or internal wiring!

So while examples of the mailer advertise "If the Auto-IntelliKEY LOCKS, POPS or STARTS one of these VEHICLES...YOU WIN!", the real truth is, the winners are determined by a winning reservation number on the mailer and matched against the winning numbers posted at the sponsoring dealer.

As a Dealer, do you want to send out a promotional product that boldly implys that the key is a functioning remote when it's easy to pry it open revealing the empty shell?

Direct mail promotions are supposed to not only draw traffic and generate interest, but they're supposed to create awareness and goodwill with consumers. you want to fade the heat for what's clearly a cheap gimmick?

Save the extra money spent for this sort of mailer and stick with a more genuine advertisement or promotion. If you treat the buying public like they're fools, you will lose their trust and confidence. It's difficult to rebuild your image once it's been brought into question or tarnished. Don't train your customers to mistrust you with misleading gimmicks.

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